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Cloud Without Compromise by NOVIPRO

Webinar | Cloud Without Compromise by NOVIPRO

Who said it has to be all or nothing? You need your path to the cloud.
A flexible solution that changes as your needs change, is ideal. You don't have to choose—HPE GreenLake is the cloud that comes to you, your data centers, colos and edges. Choosing your own path to the cloud is hybrid cloud, wisely done.

Achieve the cloud operating experience you have always wanted wherever your workloads reside.


Type : Webinar
Date(s) : Tuesday, April 25, 2023
Hour : 12:00 PM (UTC-5)
Cost : Free
Place : Online

Please note the webinar will be given in English.

3 good reasons to attend this webinar:

  • While digital transformation is fast penetrating every market sector, our speakers review the vast gulf of options and pitfalls
  • We'll boil down the digital transformation process into a few basic steps
  • You'll hear about real life examples of organizations who have optimized infrastructure, simplified management while providing a positive user experience to enable business transformation


Anthony Nornabell,Country Director - GreenLake Cloud Services, HPE
Alain Malboeuf, Infrastructure Sales Specialist, NOVIPRO