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Plan, Do, Check, Act: A guide for IT to Manage Change Initiatives

Windows 10: Migrating Opportunities and Challenges

Whether your organization is eager to migrate to Windows 10 this year, or is still feeling the pain of their Windows 7/8 upgrade and holding off for as long as possible, there are some unique opportunities to optimize services support during a major Microsoft migration, as well as some very real challenges to address.

This guide has been developed to share the 15 keys for ensuring a successful Windows 10 migration by leveraging Riverbed® SteelCentral™ Aternity End User Experience Monitoring.

The guide is broken into four major sections:

  1. Plan: 4 Key Steps for Planning Your Windows 10 Migration
  2. Do: 4 Metrics to Monitor During Your Windows 10 Migration
  3. Check: 3 Ways to Verify the Impact of Your Windows 10 Migration
  4. Act: 4 Use Cases for Incorporating End User Experience Monitoring into Your Daily Operational Activities

It shows how to use SteelCentral Aternity End User Experience Monitoring in a continuous improvement best practice process to ensure success.