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NOVIPRO is a technology leader, providing top-tier tech solutions since 1993.

Novipro: services & solutions
Novipro - Business services

Business services

NOVIPRO’s IT service solutions let you focus on what matters. Choose from a diverse range of services that help you grow your business.

Managed services

NOVIPRO builds on the expertise of your team so you can focus on what matters.

Resource placement

NOVIPRO curates a team of specialists to guide your next growth phase.

Business consulting

Our experts support IT decision-makers in choosing effective business strategies.

Business solution design

NOVIPRO’s proven solutions optimize your supply chain, improve your processes, and support your growth.

Security and analytics

We support you every step of the way, taking the time to understand your unique challenges.

Cybersecurity and data protection

NOVIPRO supports you to securely navigate your cloud computing with a complete data protection solution.

Analytics, AI, and big data

Agile decision-making. Reduced risk. Increased profitability. Novipro seizes the opportunities to mitigate risks, render your decision-making more agile, and increase your profitability.

IoT and analytics

Your data holds a plethora of possibilities. NOVIPRO guides you through data analysis.

Technology solution design

NOVIPRO takes care of your IT environment so you can focus on what matters.

Novipro - Services sécurité
Novipro Cloud Service

Cloud services

Cloud computing opens up new possibilities. NOVIPRO’s seamless cloud services let you focus on what matters.

Baas - Backup as a Service

NOVIPRO’s BaaS keeps your data safe – and accessible.

DRaaS - Disaster Recovery as a Service

NOVIPRO safeguards your business continuity simply and affordably.

IaaS — Infrastructure as a Service

NOVIPRO provides the flexibility to use the infrastructure you need, when you need it.

Governance and data management

NOVIPRO provides the tools to understand and leverage your data.