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5 New Appointments at NOVIPRO Group

February 26, 2024 by NOVIPRO

NOVIPRO Group, a North American consolidator of technology solutions, is delighted to announce the arrival of five new vice presidents to its management team. This strategic appointment marks an important milestone in the company's evolution and reinforces its commitment to remain at the forefront of innovation and growth.

Alain Cormier, Vice President Sales and Business Development

Alain Cormier, Vice President of Sales and Business Development, brings a wealth of experience and expertise in sales leadership and business development to NOVIPRO Group. Focused on creating dynamic environments and promoting innovative thinking, Alain plays a key role in stimulating growth and partnership opportunities, while ensuring the excellence of his teams' strategies.

Alain Durand, Vice President Delivery Services

Alain Durand, Vice President Delivery Services at NOVIPRO Group, optimizes sales performance by developing innovative solutions based on information technologies while enhancing human capital.

Martin Larivière, Vice President Human Resources and Talent Services

Martin Larivière, Vice President Human Resources and Talent Services at NOVIPRO Group for over 10 years, successfully orchestrates HR operations and recruitment to stimulate growth and strengthen competitiveness, while ensuring well-being, development and engagement.

Gillian Morton, Vice President Operations and Integrations

Gillian Morton holds the positions of Chief Financial Officer and Director of Operations at Blair Technology Solutions Inc. since January 2009. She drives technology innovation to achieve positive business results. With over 15 years' experience in the industry, she is recognized for her leadership and ability to deliver services tailored to customers' unique needs.

John J. Blair, Vice President Technology Solutions Practice

John J. Blair, Founder & President of Blair Technology Solutions Inc. of Blair Technology Solutions Inc. Since 1996, his company has developed a complete range of versatile, scalable and affordable solutions, tailored exclusively to each customer's organizational needs.

The arrival of these five new Vice Presidents demonstrates NOVIPRO Group's ongoing commitment to investing in talent and innovation to drive growth and competitiveness in the marketplace. With their thought leadership and diverse expertise, NOVIPRO Group is well positioned to reach new heights and continue to expand its catalogue of cutting-edge technology solutions through its NOVIPRO and Blair Technology Solutions entities.