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Infor Cloudsuite Distribution SXe Overview Videos

May 13, 2021 by Infor

Leveraging Cloudsuite Distribution Analytics

A video on the Analytics component included with Infor Cloudsuite Distribution SXe

With hundreds of dashboards, key performance indicators and reports that come with the Cloudsuite Distribution SXe solution, it is possible for you to see and understand, in a few minutes, how you will be able to handle the considerable amount of data easily to get the information you need quickly.

Increase Productivity with Cloudsuite Distribution Document Management

A video on the Document Management component included with Infor Cloudsuite Distribution SXe

An average distributor is faced with a phenomenal number of documents relating to its products (images, technical sheets, data sheets, etc.) not to mention the thousands of transactions generated annually (quotes, invoices, etc.). With a constant need to streamline processes and reduce costs, the distributor can reap the benefits of Infor Cloudsuite Distribution SXe Document Management.

Expedite Processes with Cloudsuite Distribution Workflows

A video on the Workflow Management component included with Infor Cloudsuite Distribution SXe

One of the challenges encountered is the lack of control over daily tasks and this because of the lack of consistency in how they are performed. With Workflow Management, the distributor can now set up validation controls and avoid errors and oversights which generally result in a loss of profitability.


Optimize Your Productivity with Infor Cloudsuite Distribution Homepages

A video on the Home Page component included with Infor Cloudsuite Distribution SXe

In a typical day in a distribution business, there are many activities and omnipresent distractions prevent you from keeping the focus on priorities, especially since it is not uncommon to find that an employee, or yourself even, wear several hats at once! With Cloudsuite Distribution SXe Home Pages, you can be sure you stay focused on the priorities that require immediate action throughout the day. Get productive with minimal effort!

A day in the life Infor Cloudsuite Distribution 

A video over a typical day with Infor Cloudsuite Distribution SXe 

Whether you're starting your day or ready to engage in a discussion with a customer, Cloudsuite Distribution offers you a rich set of features (mobile included!).  To help you make good decisions based on accurate and easily accessible data.