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Keeping pace with a major application security trend: DevSecOps

June 8, 2021 by NOVIPRO

With DevOps accelerating application development, organizations can't afford anything that adds drag to the process, including security. That has given rise to DevSecOps.: building frictionless security services into the development process and enhancing automation throughout the software development lifecycle eliminating errors, reducing costly attacks and downtime.

Warning: Not adopting security automation and vulnerability scanning into the SDLC can have drastic effects on time-to-market, workload efficiency, team morale and revenue. To avoid these costly pitfalls it is vital to consider the repercussions of not adopting A DevSecOps model.

Watch this exclusive fireside chat about DevSecOps fundamentals and how Micro Focus' application development security suite, Fortify, can provide practical, proven, Gartner recognized solutions to fuel the DevSecOps process.