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Key considerations for implementing secure telework at scale

October 7, 2020 by Fortinet

54% of IT professionals believe that remote workers pose a greater security risk than on-site personnel.

Every organization’s business continuity plan must include the capability to rapidly transition most or all of the workforce to remote work. Natural disasters, pandemics, or terrorist attacks are just some of the events that can make this necessary.

A secure, seamless transition from “business as usual” in the office to a fully remote workforce requires planning and careful consideration of the requirements of teleworkers, such as access to network resources, ample bandwidth, and technical support. The transition also amplifies the security risks of telework, due to home network and personal device vulnerabilities, as well as the challenges of supervising and enforcing good cyber hygiene.

Thanks to this white paper by Fortinet, identify the security risks and advanced requirements of a remote workforce.