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PRESS RELEASE: Yves Paquette and Pierre Lanthier retire

May 6, 2022 by NOVIPRO

Today marks an important milestone in the history of NOVIPRO. After nearly 30 years at the helm of the company they founded, Yves Paquette and Pierre Lanthier are taking their well-deserved retirement.

Thank you Yves and Pierre for the dedication, passion and energy you have passed on to us. These past 30 years have been marked by significant achievements. Today, NOVIPRO proudly has 135 employees and over 700 clients in Quebec and Ontario, and has become a key player in the IT sector.

Wishing to continue and drive NOVIPRO's growth even further, Yves and Pierre are entrusting the reins of the company to a private group of buyers specializing in IT and led by David Chamandy and his team.

NOVIPRO will continue its activities, and its operations will remain under the responsibility of the current management team.

Our teams are dedicated to ensuring the smoothest possible transition for our employees, clients, partners and suppliers.