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The Benefits of Private Cloud as a Custom Business Hosting

September 19, 2019 by NOVIPRO

While the choice of hosting companies is often by default with the public cloud, other options are available to companies and can sometimes better meet their specific needs.

The Private Cloud is an example of a cost-effective alternative solution for organizations that want to take advantage of the flexibility and speed of cloud computing while retaining control over a private server infrastructure. In this article, we will outline the main benefits of the private cloud.

1. Reduced Expenses

First of all, a private cloud is particularly well suited to continuous application loads and allows for a better control of the expenses of a company, since the equipment is specifically sized according to the needs of the company. Moreover, unlike the public cloud where the customer pays for external professional services resold at a profit, interventions on equipment are done directly by the employees of the company. Bandwidth utilization is also lower in the private cloud since data only flows within an organization-wide network rather than a wide area network such as the Internet.

In addition, the flexibility of the management of hardware resources (CPU, memory, storage), as opposed to predefined formulas of public cloud solutions, makes it possible to add resources according to real needs rather than to pay for a solution that risks to include unused billable surpluses. 

Finally, on-demand capacity financial facilities can also add temporary resources to meet seasonal peaks.

2. Performance

The private cloud is fully customizable, allowing it to specifically meet the needs of the business while eliminating unnecessary items. Since technical and business requirements may vary depending on the size of the company, its industry, processes, and business objectives, the private cloud solution has the advantage of taking into consideration the rules of the corporate governance. In fact, the company decides on the resources it wants to allocate to its services, for example in terms of excess space allocation (overprovisioning) or vCPU / core ratio. Thus, it is possible to determine the ratios depending on the environment acquired to optimize and get more for your money.

New generations of high-class, composable infrastructure, such as Lenovo's ThinkAgile CP Private Cloud solution, add separate resources to maintain the right level of performance to meet business needs. It's possible to add only the necessary resources (CPU, RAM, storage, etc.) in a granular manner rather than a  predefined formula set by the provider, a formula mostly found in public cloud solutions.

3. Security, Management and Control

A private cloud solution provides better isolation by providing a higher level of security than the public cloud, which mostly uses shared environments. This avoids situations in which a company could accidentally access data from another company hosted in the same environment without the knowledge of it.

The private cloud also ensures a high level of transparency in the processing and confidentiality of the hosted data since the IT department of the company retains full control, ensuring compliance with its own governance rules.

4. Proximity of the Data

Unlike public clouds, where data centers for the same company can be far apart, applications and data hosted on a private cloud have the advantage of being located and be hosted in a data center in a smaller radius, which avoids problems related to latency. The company thus maintains a fluidity of communication between its various systems, which allows an increased speed of service as well as a greater reliability for the quality of the service.

Finally, when choosing a hosting solution, it is important to evaluate the various options on the market to meet all the needs related to the reality of your organization. While the public cloud may be appropriate in some situations, the benefits of private cloud hosting can mean significant business benefits in terms of cost, security and control!