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The Future of WAN is Software-Defined

September 1, 2017 by Roger Ouellet

Nowadays everyone’s talking about the Cloud and the way that it offers clients defined resources at a software level without requiring any hardware. We’ve reached the "Software Defined Network, Storage & Data Center" era…

What will be the next evolution and why?

Logically, the next phase will be the "Software Defined WAN" (SD-WAN). Why is this next generation of “Software Defined” so important? Simply because Cloud adoption increases the strain on WAN links, which have a criticality that is difficult to maintain. In a traditional WAN, the use of multiple links strains switching, security and quality of service, as well as requiring the use of several management tools.

To overcome this challenge, SD-WAN power is used to combine several links with different characteristics such as Internet, MPLS, LTE etc. while offering all of their benefits.

SD-WAN allows users to control security, guarantee performance and reduce transfer costs while simultaneously simplifying management via a single tool. Because it can offer clients simplicity, flexibility, efficiency and security, SD-WAN will definitely play a role in WAN management.

To learn more about the advantages SD-WAN we invite you to download the FORRESTER study "The Future of the WAN is Software-Defined”.


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