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Webinar (Les Affaires) : Cyberattack, is your data safe?

According to the last IT portrait by NOVIPRO and Léger, a quarter (28%) of Canadian companies admit that they have been a victim of a cyber attack in the past year. Regardless of the nature or the size of your organization, the number of such attacks is growing exponentially. Watch this webinar on data protection issues presented by our experts and learn:

  • How cyber attacks and their impacts evolved in 2019;
  • How you can prevent these attacks;
  • How a good vaulted protection solution can minimize the impact of attacks.

Why should you participate?

  • One in two companies will be the target of attacks in 2019
  • Discover how some protection solutions can help you after a disaster related to an attack in order to ensure your business continuity

NB: The webinar is only available in French.

*Webinar broadcasted via Les Affaires on Tuesday, April 24, 2019