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WEBINAR (LES AFFAIRES) : Public Cloud or Private Cloud? That's the real question.

October 22, 2019 by NOVIPRO

According to an IDC study, 60% of IT spending in 2016 was in traditional infrastructure while the remaining 40% was in the cloud. Within the 2 upcoming years and perhaps even faster, the percentages will reverse and the Cloud will become the predominant infrastructure.

Why? Because many organizations consider the Cloud as a solution to their organization's agility requirements. Now, the question we must ask ourselves is whether we should choose a private or public cloud solution?

3 good reasons to watch:

  • Understand the distinctions between the different Cloud offerings
  • Adequately meet the requirements of your internal customers
  • Determine where your assets are best used


*Webinar broadcasted via Les Affaires on October 15, 2019