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Webinar | Navigate Supply Chain Disruption: Using What-If Scenario Planning and Analytics

Everyone is feeling the effects of supply disruption. We are seeing missed deliveries, extended lead times, higher logistics costs and expedited orders which are causing issues in our businesses.

How are analytics resolving these challenges?

Learn how businesses can predict, monitor and sense demand and supply disruptions, shape demand using Automated ML processes to guide consumers to in-stock products and utilize Forward Buy mechanisms to reduce supply chain risk.

These concepts and more will be reviewed in this webinar, with Demand and Supply Planning Expert Ed Katz as he elaborates on proven approaches and strategies that can be taken to market.

You’ll Learn How to:

  • How to Identify and Predict Disruption
  • Demand Sensing, shaping and shifting
  • How to Apply Decision Analytics


Edward Katz
Principal Analytics Consultant
CT Global Solutions

Before joining CT Global Solutions, Edward Katz previously worked for SAS Institute in Global Forecasting and Supply Chain Practice as a Principal Analytics Consultant for almost 20 years. He has worked with a wide array of clients in multiple industries including (but not limited to) Nestle, Toyota Automotive, Shoppers Drug Mart, Lockheed Martin, BNSF Rail, The Gap and many more. His focus was on Machine Learning applied to forecasting in high volume/demand planning and optimization environments. Prior to joining SAS, Ed was a partner and co-founder of a manufacturing and distribution Enterprise and Supply Chain Analytics software company called DAI which eventually merged with Infor Software.