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2nd life IT: Discover the Winners of the 1st Edition of NOVIPRO’s Contest

May 30, 2024 by NOVIPRO

The 2nd life IT contest - NOVIPRO's initiative has generated a great deal of interest among Quebec non-profit organizations (NPOs). The contest, created to mark our 30th anniversary, aimed to celebrate technological innovation by giving back to the community.

From January to May 2024, Quebec NPOs were invited to enter a contest to win up to 20 computers to enhance their technological capabilities. NOVIPRO, committed to fostering social progress through technology, will enable the winning NPOs to accomplish more in their philanthropic missions thanks to their new computers, restored by us.

A volunteer committee of NOVIPRO employees first analyzed the applications to ensure that all standards were met. Then, via a random draw, 3 companies were selected as the overall winners.

Computer restoration, a pillar of 2nd life IT

Computer restoration is an essential part of the 2nd life IT initiative. At NOVIPRO, every device selected for this program undergoes a rigorous refurbishment process.

This process includes:
  A complete condition assessment of each computer

  • Replacement of defective or obsolete components
  • Updating software and operating systems
  • Several performance tests to ensure optimal operation

Restoring these computers is crucial for several reasons:

  We extend the life of equipment, reducing electronic waste and contributing to              environmental sustainability
  We reinforce our belief that technology is a catalyst for positive change

For the winning NPOs, these restored computers will provide valuable support. With reliable, up-to-date equipment, these organizations will be able to improve their operational efficiency, facilitate the coordination of their activities, and increase their capacity to serve their communities.

In short, computer restoration not only brings machines back to life, it also catalyzes the potential of NPOs to fulfill their philanthropic missions with greater efficiency and enhanced social impact.

Discover the winners of the 1st edition of 2nd life IT:

Ma Deuxième Maison à Moi
The first winner of this year's 2nd life IT contest is Ma Deuxième Maison à Moi. Ma Deuxième Maison à Moi is an organization providing services for families living with someone diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder or an intellectual disability. The 10 computers won will enable them to improve communication within the organization and modernize their practices to better meet the needs of its community.

Moisson Laurentides
Moisson Laurentides, a food bank in partnership with community organizations, was the second NPO to win the contest, will receive 5 computers. This equipment will be used to facilitate coordination work and database updates, helping to boost the organization's operational performance.

La Cantine pour tous
Finally, we present La Cantine pour tous, the 3rd winner of 2nd life IT. The NPO will also receive 5 computers, which will be used to strengthen its various programs to reduce food insecurity among young people and seniors in Quebec. This equipment will enable the organization to improve its coordination, increase its operational efficiency and maximize its impact in the community.

A promising initiative for the future!
NOVIPRO is proud to contribute to the sustainability of these organizations by providing them with essential technological tools.

The good news is that 2nd life IT will become an annual initiative, to continue to put technology at the service of the common good and ensure a long-term positive impact on Quebec society.