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Webinar | Is your cloud architecture safe and robust enough ?

November 2, 2023 by NOVIPRO

Designing a cloud architecture can be a daunting task, discover NOVIPRO's method in this webinar!

NOVIPRO's methodology, which applies to Microsoft Azure, will meet all your needs and considers the following variables:

  • Resilience: is your cloud environment able to recover from disasters?
  • Security: is your cloud well protected from data breaches?
  • Proven method: is your Azure framework optimized for performance to meet your business requirements?
  • Budget: does your cloud architecture fit with your budget?

During this in-depth workshop, you will learn about Microsoft Azure and its tools used for:

  • Lift & Shifts
  • Data recovery
  • Cloud protection

And see how NOVIPRO can help you in this process!

Watch the webinar's replay here!