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Initiate your Cloud computing journey safely

Today, in the era of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, service outsourcing and sharing & collaboration tools, data collection is an important way to create value and increase the business intelligence of your company. To do this, a multiplicity of data protection solutions exist and are necessary to adequately meet the needs of your growing business. For most companies, the challenge now lies in the maintenance and management of infrastructures to ensure the required level of protection.

This webinar aims to demonstrate the substantial benefits of the Cloud and to present the value of a complete data protection solution. Commvault offers an integrated data protection solution that allows you to consolidate all of your tools into a single interface while redefining the way your company protects, manages and uses data.

  • Complete enterprise protection: limit the number of software and tools you need by opting for a complete solution that gives you centralized control.
  • A solution that guides you in your evolving strategy, guiding your journey towards the Cloud and providing you with relief in the event of a disaster.
  • Reduces operational costs and the Cloud footprint for storing your data.
  • Guaranteed protection of your data regardless of data location.

Why should i watch the webinar?

  1. Learn how to reduce your operational costs with backups in the Cloud.
  2. Learn how to optimize the Cloud in the current IT environment.
  3. Reduce risk by better understanding the challenges of backup and Cloud solutions