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IT Study 2017

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Canadian businesses don’t all view information technologies (IT) in the same way. Some see IT as a precious resource, while others see it as a necessary evil. To paint a true picture of IT opinions in large and medium-sized businesses, NOVIPRO and Léger surveyed 312 decision-makers.


Nearly 4 out of 5 businesses integrate IT in their business strategy

For the vast majority of local businesses,  IT represents an investment – a priority,  even. The proof: 73% of them foresee massive investment in updating their IT infrastructure in the next few years.

The “Dropouts” are slow to catch up

Most of the companies surveyed believe that IT is a  critical business resource, and that regular infrastructure updates contribute to their competitiveness. However, a  small group of hesitant businesses neglect IT, at the risk of compromising their company’s survival. In fact, nearly one in four companies feel they only have basic IT expertise.

Cloud computing: an innovative solution that still raises questions.

More than half of decision-makers see the Cloud as  a future solution for their business, and they perceive it as a flexible and economical option. Only a small proportion of Canadian businesses are still unsure about this technology.