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Bruno Guglielminetti's take on 2024 IT Trends

What the new edition of NOVIPRO Group's IT Trends confirms this year is that artificial intelligence and advanced data analytics continue to gain ground in Canadian businesses. Nearly a third (29%) of respondents believe that AI has already begun to transform their industry, and more than half (55%) believe that AI will transform their sector within the next two years.

However, costs (38%), lack of need (28%), and lack of resources (23%) are cited as the main reasons preventing companies from investing in AI and advanced data analytics within the next two years.

The survey results also reveal significant concerns related to AI among respondents. The risk of cyber attacks (16%) and ethical concerns (8%) were mentioned as barriers to investment in these technologies. Additionally, nearly half of the companies (49%) expressed concerns about certain aspects of Bill C-27 on privacy protection, particularly data security (20%) and individual rights (19%).

Despite these perceived barriers, the integration of AI and advanced data analytics solutions appears to be primarily driven by a desire to increase productivity (21%), automate manual tasks (13%), and improve cybersecurity (13%). Most companies (80%) plan to make at least one technological investment in the next two years, with the main goals being promoting security, mitigating risks (50%), and operational optimization (44%).

While the benefits of AI are recognized, risks and challenges remain. Better education on the topic could help bridge the gap between perceptions of high costs and potential benefits. The rapid integration of artificial intelligence also raises concerns related to cybersecurity, ethics, and long-term legal implications. Companies must carefully evaluate the risks and opportunities before adopting these disruptive technologies.

A central question remains: will all industries benefit equally from the adoption of AI? Some may gain a more significant competitive advantage, while others may face unique challenges. Companies that do not adapt to the new capabilities of AI risk falling behind their competitors.

What is clear from reading this portrait is that a strategic, responsible, and informed approach remains essential to fully leverage the potential of artificial intelligence and data analytics while mitigating inherent risks. Close collaboration between technology experts, business decision-makers, and stakeholders will ensure successful and sustainable adoption.

On a more personal note, I thank NOVIPRO Group for surveying Canadian decision-makers on perceptions and challenges related to AI. In an environment of constant technological evolution, having up-to-date data on a strategic topic such as artificial intelligence is crucial. This study provides valuable insights that will enable companies to make informed decisions about integrating AI into their operations. Access to these industry perspectives is an undeniable competitive advantage for staying at the forefront of innovation.

Bruno Guglielminetti
Host of the digital news podcast MonCarnet.com