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NOVIPRO's First Decade: the Foundations of Success

December 28, 2023 by NOVIPRO

As part of our series of articles celebrating our 30th anniversary, we are taking a look back at the first decade of our journey in the IT industry.

Our company was founded in 1993 when the IT landscape was quite different from what we experience today. It is quite an accomplishment to reach three decades of activity in a sector that undergoes constant change. According to Statistics Canada, only 26.4% of companies in the service sector manage to stay in business for more than 18 years.

What are the keys to NOVIPRO's success?

NOVIPRO is known for its ability to adapt to the market while staying true to its original vision of customer satisfaction, which is its main strength.

Our company has come a long way from being a small team to strengthening its skills and expanding its influence over time. In 1998, we formed a strategic and well-established partnership with IBM, which continues to this day. It was a significant turning point for us. In 2001, after eight years of being in business, we took the next step by moving into modern premises in the heart of Montreal and inaugurating a technology center. At that time, the company was expanding rapidly and ambitiously striving to be the benchmark for digital transformation.

Our employees are our greatest strength. They face challenges every day and go above and beyond to meet them. Here are some of their testimonials:

Alain C


Alain Cormier, Vice-President Sales and Business Development: "Congratulations to the founders for achieving 30 years in business. It's quite an achievement. I joined this company over 10 years ago because of the corporate culture that places the customer at the heart of employee interests. This culture is a recipe for success."

Stefany Paquette, Controller: "I have been fortunate enough to work at NOVIPRO for nine wonderful years now. When I first started, I had a degree but little experience in the job market. However, the company believed in me and recognized my potential. As time went on, I was given increasingly complex and interesting tasks, which means that even after nine years, I still find my job stimulating. Another reason why I enjoy working at NOVIPRO is the fantastic team that I work with. There is a lot of cooperation and mutual support, and we can always count on each other when we need to, making it much easier to achieve our goals. Maintaining a good work-life balance is also important to me, and at NOVIPRO, there is a great deal of flexibility and understanding in this regard."





Jay Alforque, ERP Project Manager: "I deeply appreciate the attention that the company's leaders pay to feedback from every employee, including my own. Their commitment to actively listen and act quickly on this information is highly commendable. Being a part of a company of this scale has enabled me to comprehend and value its complex dynamics. I cherish the autonomy offered by the company as it allows me to operate effectively. Additionally, the culture of open communication, regardless of position or hierarchy, is truly enriching, fostering an environment where ideas and perspectives flow freely."

Malida Sivoravong, IT Project Coordinator: "I am extremely proud to be working for a great and fast-growing company that is constantly pushing its own limits, pioneering new ideas and encouraging its employees to contribute to its many successes. Collaboration, commitment, innovation and humanity are the core values of NOVIPRO that I deeply resonate with and hold close to my heart. I feel honored to be a part of such a professional and competent project management team."



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