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The advantages of IBM’s LinuxONE security platform

Can your infrastructure keep pace with digital technology while protecting your data?

Customer expectations have never been higher. They expect your business to deliver top-quality service while innovating and offering 24/7 availability. And since switching providers is now easier than ever, slow service or outages can cost you their loyalty.

You need a robust enterprise platform that can quickly adapt to new technologies and support the changes that go-hand-in-hand with cloud applications. Your business needs flexible, responsive infrastructure so that your clients always get outstanding service.

All your data is at risk. Now that smart devices are so diverse, there are many types of security threats and ways to access your IT systems. That’s why your infrastructure needs to be an impenetrable fortress built to protect data from external menaces as well as internal ones, which are all too often underestimated.

Robust infrastructure shielded from vulnerabilities

Can your servers really protect your data? Is your hardware hack-proof and able to block malicious intruders?

In recent years, vulnerabilities like Meltdown and Spectre have affected microprocessors—especially Intel ones—providing access to system memory. Replacing defective equipment can be expensive and applying patches can slow down your operations substantially.

When choosing a server platform, make unshakeable solidity a top criteria. But how can you be sure of its security level? Look for international standards, such the Evaluation Assurance Level, which provides IT products with a security rating from 1 to 7.

IBM LinuxONE is the only commercial enterprise platform with EAL5+ certification, offering military-grade security for your infrastructure.

Reinforced data protection

No matter how well your infrastructure is designed, you have to ensure it includes integrated solutions that protect your applications and data without adding complexity to your processes or end-user experience.

IBM LinuxONE offers the most secure enterprise platform in the world to fend off ever-changing threats, such as data breaches, malware and ransomware. How? By protecting access to your applications with discrete environments and pervasive data encryption.

Protecting your applications and data with containers

To keep your hybrid and private cloud workloads and data secure, they have to be isolated into protected environments called containers. These virtual devices limit human interaction with your sensitive data through application programming interfaces (APIs). With strict access rules, this process prevents intrusions from external parties or misuse by internal users.

IBM Secure Service Container is a virtual solution that lets you create Dockers to facilitate application installation and deployment in your operating system and keep them secure. When paired with IBM LinuxONE hardware and IBM Cloud Private management software, these containers give you secure infrastructure that can scale to support your business needs.

Encrypt all your data with no exceptions

Every day, nearly 4 million data records are stolen from organizations. But if hackers can’t read the data, the incidents are nothing more than a near miss. Unfortunately, just 4% of data records stolen since 2013 was encrypted, leaving 96% useable for fraudulent activity.

Data encryption is your best defense against cyberattacks. Your customers expect you to do everything in your power to protect their data, including making it unreadable to potential hackers.

IBM LinuxONE encrypts 100% of your data, whether it’s in flight or at rest. No matter where it’s located in the server or even in the memory, your data is never left unencrypted.

With an IBM LinuxONE enterprise platform, you get infrastructure that’s ready for anything, without compromising on speed or holding back transaction growth.

Want to know more? Read the free guide LinuxONE For Dummies or ask a NOVIPRO advisor for additional information.