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NOVIPRO's Third Decade: An Ambitious Renewal

July 5, 2024 by NOVIPRO

We continue our 30th-anniversary celebrations with this third article highlighting NOVIPRO's journey from 2014 to the present. The third decade has been rich in new features; discover them now.

Business Model Diversification

In response to market evolution and consequently our clients' emerging needs, NOVIPRO initiated 2014 the development of the NOVIPRO Maturity Model for IT Optimization. The objective is to offer strategic guidance enabling our clients to make informed IT decisions.

In 2015, our new cloud business platform, NOVIPRO Managed Services (originally known as E-Space), was launched, enabling us to effectively address all cloud-related demands and harness the expertise of our specialists through our managed services offering.

Becoming a Benchmark in IT

In 2017, we published the 1st edition of the IT Trends. This report is released every year and offers a comprehensive view of the IT market for companies across Canada. Its primary purpose is to assist companies in evaluating market challenges, risks, and opportunities. We are very proud of how it has evolved over the past few years. Last April, we launched the 8th edition, which is still available for free download.

A Rising Value Proposition

The year 2018 marked the expansion of our expertise, highlighted by the establishment of a new department focused on artificial intelligence and security. This initiative strengthens our fields of expertise, enabling us to support our clients across all areas of their enterprises.

In 2019, the inaugural CyberEX (originally launched as Cyber20/20) took place, consolidating our position as a major player in cybersecurity. This year marks the 5th edition of CyberEX, a significant testament to our dedication in this field.

2022: A New Era

In 2022, NOVIPRO founders Yves Paquette and Pierre Lanthier decided to step down. This resulted in the birth of NOVIPRO Group, a North American technology solutions consolidator. In the same year, the group acquired Blair Technology Solutions, based in Ontario, which bolstered our presence in the Ontario market and enhanced the company's overall value proposition.

Over the past 30 years, NOVIPRO has undergone significant evolution while steadfastly preserving its foundational values, which have remained constant over time. Our objective has remained unchanged since the creation of the company: to deliver value to our clients.

What do our clients think of NOVIPRO?

Marco Babin, Vice President Information Technology, CDMV: « A team that is open to tackling unforeseen challenges head-on. NOVIPRO has consistently been attentive and transparent throughout our projects. »

Jean-François Leclerc, Chief Exécutif Officer, Montebello: «  We’ve found a partner that really cares about our success! NOVIPRO provides turnkey services - and the peace of mind that goes with it. They are our trusted IT partner. »

Véronique Roy, Senior Consultant, Business Systems Integration, IT, Manufacturing Process Optimization, Meliorem Consultations: « The NOVIPRO team has unequalled depth! Thanks to their business knowledge of the manufacturing environment, they quickly understand the business needs and challenges of operations/production. They speak the same language and are able to challenge business processes and propose implementation solutions adapted to the customer's reality. Implementations are done as a team with the client, which promotes a more human and friendly dynamic throughout the project cycle. »