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TrendMiner: A self-service industrial analytics tool

How to improve your production by analyzing, monitoring and predicting the performance of batch, grade and continuous plants?

Discover a self-service industrial analytic tool with TrendMiner.


  • Specifically developed for process industry ​and advanced analytics
  • Plug and play deploy, connect and scale both on premises or in the cloud​
  • Robust algorithms for process and asset analytics
  • ​A powerful correlation recommendation engine (IIoT platorms & data lakes)
  • Highly intuitive user interface

And also:

  • An intuitive web-based self-service analytics platform for visualization of process;
  • Suiteble in all large industries: Manufacturing, Mining, Oil & Gas, Water & Wastewater, Food & Beverage, Chemicals and many more;
  • The world's leading companies choose TrendMiner to optimize their production performance;
  • TrendMiner delivers all you need to analyze, monitor, predict and contextualize the performance.

TrendMiner is the Software AG company’s self-service industrial analytics software for smart factories and Industry 4.0 operations. If you’re on a quest to continuously improve your production processes, take a look at TrendMiner. Made by engineers for engineers, TrendMiner is based on a high-performance analytics engine for sensor-generated time-series data. Process engineers and operators can easily search for trends and question process data directly—on their own, without the help of a data scientist.


  • A personalised presentation;
  • A pilot project with a fixed duration;
  • A lab test: using your data to demonstrate correlations;
  • Request a demo.

Watch our webinar and learn more about how to improve your production
To discover more about TrendMiner and event data source, please visit TrendMiner website