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DRaaS - Disaster Recovery as a service

Novipro safeguards your business continuity simply and affordably. 

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Disaster recovery is indispensable. Novipro ensures recovery of your systems in the cloud with our simple and transparent DRaaS offer. Design your own post-disaster recovery system on the Cloud, and back up your data securely - without the cost and complexity of building and maintaining a dedicated disaster recovery site. 

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Why choose Novipro’s DRaaS?

Keep your systems safe in the cloud 


Protection against all external or internal incidents


Recovery times that meet your requirements


Preferential prices on resources required during disaster recovery


Significant savings on DRaaS infrastructure costs


Support in the creation of your IT recovery framework


Management and implementation of the backup plan and recovery tests with no impact on data

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Why Novipro?

Our solutions are deployed by IT experts with decades of experience across a range of industries.

Novipro adapts to your reality – not the other way around. We develop tailored solutions that evolve alongside your business needs, without the delays and extra costs of developing or modifying code. Access updates and new features as soon as they are available. 

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Your trusted IT partner

These forward-thinking businesses trust Novipro.

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We’ve found a partner that really cares about our success! Novipro provides turnkey services - and the peace of mind that goes with it. They are our trusted IT partner.

Jean-François Leclerc


Novipro’s bid fit our market the best. We felt they really understood how our industry works and what makes our company unique. Novipro helped us kick it into overdrive!

Dan Nussbaum


The Novipro specialists pleasantly surprised me by quickly understanding our industry’s issues. We are extremely pleased with the service and expertise that Novipro has brought to this project.

Michael Issenman

IT Infrastructure Manager

The Novipro team has unequalled depth! Thanks to their business knowledge of the manufacturing environment, they quickly understand the business needs and challenges of operations/production. They speak the same language and are able to challenge business processes and propose implementation solutions adapted to the customer's reality. Implementations are done as a team with the client, which promotes a more human and friendly dynamic throughout the project cycle.

Véronique Roy

Through their understanding of business needs, Novipro experts drew up an action plan with clear priorities in order to reduce risks as quickly as possible. They then provided solutions to make TO networking more robust. In addition, they supported us on an automation initiative through their ecosystem of competent partners.

Jean-François Millaire

IT Director

With Novipro's support, we were able to deploy an enterprise manufacturing management solution that will allow us to improve and optimize our processes to achieve our ambitions.

Donald Cayer

IT Director

Novipro allowed us to position ourselves to move into high gear.

Denis Larue


It's like having your own IT department: a balanced relationship with the business and technology components of the company.

M. Fontaine


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Count on us from start to end, and beyond.

Novipro guides you through every step of your project, from strategy to implementation.  Our experts have the knowledge and tools to solve your toughest IT challenges, from design solutions to infrastructure implementation. 

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