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NOVIPRO Unveils Advanced Virtual Private Cloud Solution for IBM POWER® Systems

Discover NOVIPRO's state-of-the-art virtual private cloud solution designed for IBM POWER® Systems. This cutting-edge technology provides businesses with unmatched reliability and flexibility, revolutionizing operational efficiency.

Why Opt for NOVIPRO's Virtual Private Cloud Solution?

As a premier cloud provider, NOVIPRO seamlessly integrates IBM systems, including IBMi (AS/400), AIX®, and Linux. Our status as an IBM-certified Platinum Partner, backed by 30 years of collaboration and expertise, positions us as leaders in the industry. With an innovative infrastructure, we deliver the highest quality cloud service.

Our adept team understands the nuances of modern business challenges, providing technology that caters to both current and future IT requirements.

Key Advantages of Our Private Cloud Solution

  • Cost-effectiveness over the long term
  • Rapid deployment of new applications or services
  • Diverse workload management options
  • Integrated managed services for better peace of mind
  • Flexible security and network management
  • Comprehensive solution design, including disaster recovery

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Business Benefits

Selecting NOVIPRO's cloud solution offers:

  • Exceptional operational efficiency for heightened productivity
  • Outsourced cloud infrastructure management through our comprehensive managed services
  • Bilingual support center based in Canada, available 24/7
  • Cost reduction through resource and IT equipment optimization
  • Customized packages tailored to specific business needs
  • Storage in our Canadian centers, benefiting from enhanced protection and confidentiality

Discover the advantages in detail

NOVIPRO relies on specialists to craft an architecture tailored to your challenges and budget. Holding the operational security certification, SOC 2 Type II, we ensure excellence in safeguarding your data. Explore the complete range of our NOVIPRO cloud computing solution for IBM POWER® Systems.

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