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Olymel Enhances its Operational Efficiency through the Modernization of its Infrastructure

Like Olymel, strengthen your IT infrastructure and help your business grow with our expertise IBM®️ POWER ®️ !

This case study illustrates how Quebec agri-food giant Olymel set out to improve its technological efficiency with IBM POWER products, and why the company mandated NOVIPRO and Blair Technology Solutions, a sister company of the NOVIPRO Group, for this large-scale project. 


Together, the two IT service providers helped Olymel with a smooth migration from IBM POWER 9 servers to the latest POWER 10, improving its operational efficiency:

  • Maintenance savings of $230,000
  • Partitions created in less than 1 day (15 days before)
  • Zero downtime during partition creation (previously 2 days)

3 good reasons to read this study:

  • Gain insights into all the issues associated with server migration
  • Discover why infrastructure modernization is essential to your company's growth
  • Explore the case study of Quebec food processing leader Olymel to improve your operational efficiency

Find out more about our case study and the benefits it can bring you. If you're in the same situation as Olymel, trust the NOVIPRO and Blair experts to support you in all your modernization projects.

Download our case study now and benefit from a successful server migration story!