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Webinar | Ready for AI ?

April 3, 2024 by NOVIPRO

A NOVIPRO Panel about Artificial Intelligence and Transformation of Industries

Over the past year, we have all witnessed the rapid rise of artificial intelligence (AI) in companies. Recent data indicates that many companies are keen on investing in AI, recognizing a potential technological (r)evolution in their sectors. AI is paving the way for new efficiencies and innovations by reshaping processes through ingenious methods.

What solution would be suitable for my company? Where do I begin? How can I integrate AI while staying within my budget?

To help you have a better grasp on it, NOVIPRO hosts a discussion panel with major players in the industry such as IBM, Microsoft, Infor, and Splunk. They will discuss their AI tools and their integration into businesses across several industries:

And more!

3 good reasons to watch our webinar: 

Take advantage of our speakers' expert advice to better understand how to leverage AI in your business step by step
Benefit from recommendations for the use of AI in Canada to combine productivity, transparency and security
Explore the various AI solutions from key market players to choose the one that best fits your business needs

Watch our webinar to stay competitive!