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Business Consulting

NOVIPRO’s smart, strategic IT solutions let you focus on what matters. 

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Making good decisions requires all the facts: rigorous cost-benefit analysis and in-depth understanding of vulnerabilities that could impact your business continuity. NOVIPRO supports IT decision-makers to identify strategies that boost your operational efficiency and enhance the value of your IT department.

How NOVIPRO ensures the continuity of your business

First, we’ll identify and analyze any risks during planning workshops with key players from across your organization. Next, we’ll develop a risk control hierarchy and business continuity action plan, taking into account your organization’s unique challenges, your various IT service providers and the responsibilities of your stakeholders.

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NOVIPRO’s smart, strategic IT solutions let you focus on what matters.  


ERP implementation

In an environment that demands speed and flexibility, count on the most powerful applications available. 


AI – Artificial Intelligence

NOVIPRO provide access to a complete range of operational intelligence solutions that are built for easy and quick deployment.


Business continuity

NOVIPRO ensures your plan aligns with industry best practices, and support implementation. 


Hyperconvergence & convergence

NOVIPRO partners with top providers to deliver the best solutions for our customers.

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Process review

NOVIPRO recommends the most advanced management software products available – so you can focus on what matters.

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Your clients are counting on you.

NOVIPRO has been implementing effective business continuity plans for over 25 years. Our 6-step methodology, developed through our deep expertise, is based on hybrid IT environment management, from risk assessment to sound service maintenance. 

Our practices are based on best practices from the the Disaster Recovery Institute International.  

Got an IT challenge?

Our experts guide you every step of the way, from design to implementation of your IT infrastructure.

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Count on us from start to end, and beyond. Novipro Inc.
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Your trusted IT partner

These forward-thinking businesses trust NOVIPRO.

We’ve found a partner that really cares about our success! NOVIPRO provides turnkey services - and the peace of mind that goes with it. They are our trusted IT partner.

Jean-François Leclerc


NOVIPRO’s bid fit our market the best. We felt they really understood how our industry works and what makes our company unique. NOVIPRO helped us kick it into overdrive!

Dan Nussbaum


The NOVIPRO specialists pleasantly surprised me by quickly understanding our industry’s issues. We are extremely pleased with the service and expertise that NOVIPRO has brought to this project.

Michael Issenman

IT Infrastructure Manager

The NOVIPRO team has unequalled depth! Thanks to their business knowledge of the manufacturing environment, they quickly understand the business needs and challenges of operations/production. They speak the same language and are able to challenge business processes and propose implementation solutions adapted to the customer's reality. Implementations are done as a team with the client, which promotes a more human and friendly dynamic throughout the project cycle.

Véronique Roy

Through their understanding of business needs, NOVIPRO experts drew up an action plan with clear priorities in order to reduce risks as quickly as possible. They then provided solutions to make TO networking more robust. In addition, they supported us on an automation initiative through their ecosystem of competent partners.

Jean-François Millaire

IT Director

NOVIPRO is a very experienced IT firm and Lenovo is proud to have them has one of our main partners representing our solutions.


NOVIPRO has partnered with Infor for over 10 years to help our Canadian customers realize their full business potential through digital transformations. NOVIPRO’s experience, forward thinking and pursuit of excellence has established them as a thought leader among English and French speaking clients in Manufacturing and Distribution sectors from coast to coast.

Salena Butler

Vice President, North America Channels

With NOVIPRO's support, we were able to deploy an enterprise manufacturing management solution that will allow us to improve and optimize our processes to achieve our ambitions.

Donald Cayer

IT Director

NOVIPRO allowed us to position ourselves to move into high gear.

Denis Larue


It's like having your own IT department: a balanced relationship with the business and technology components of the company.

M. Fontaine


AI is fundamentally changing every part of the way we work to a degree never seen before. As companies seek ways to drive better results with this powerful technology, we must start preparing the workforce for collaboration with AI tools. The power of foundation models will push into a new era of AI for business. Foundation models offer an opportunity to create, tune and deploy models on any cloud to solve our toughest challenges.

Peter McKay

Ecosystem Director

At NOVIPRO Goup, our customer-centric approach drives our deep commitment to supporting businesses throughout their digital journey, especially when they encounter challenges. Our comprehensive solutions, such as NOVIPRO Managed Services and strategic partnerships with industry leaders such as IBM, SAS and Infor, help us effectively address current workforce shortages and facilitate real-time data collection and analysis in a safe and secure manner. At the heart of our approach lies a strong dedication to delivering positive outcomes for our customers. And to achieve this, we harness the power of best-in-class technologies like automation and advanced AI analytics. These cutting-edge technologies enable us to optimize business processes and enhance productivity and profitability.

David Chamandy

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer GROUPE NOVIPRO

Despite the challenging economic climate, our organization has made significant strides in digital transformation. This strategic investment in process improvement and automation has proven to be highly successful. It has enabled us to operate more efficiently and to increase productivity with the same level of staff, which is particularly positive given the current labour shortage. 

Marco Babin

Vice-President, Information Technology

Law 25 has played a crucial role in driving our organization to enhance our security practices. We have taken substancial steps over the past year to bolster our commitment to security. This includes a significant increase in security investments, as well as the recruitment of new security personnel to further strengthen our security personnel to further strengthen our security protocols and procedures.

Camil Rousseau

Chief Information Officer

I enjoy and look forward to being part of this amazing team! I work with some of the brightest, friendliest, and most hard-working people pushing the needle even further for our company, partners and ourselves!

Luiz Seigo

Inbound Marketing and Lead Generation Advisor

Incredible, but I've been with NOVIPRO for almost a decade! The years have flown by so quickly, and I haven't been bored for a single second. Without a doubt, NOVIPRO's strength lies in the team of enthusiastic and motivated professionals we all work together with. I've formed close bonds with several of my colleagues, and I can affirm that we are a fantastic team.

Mélanie Gilbert

Talent Acquisition Manager

A decade ago, I chose NOVIPRO for the level of expertise among IBM system specialists (POWER, storage, etc.), as well as their extensive track record of completed and projected projects. Furthermore, NOVIPRO's numerous high-level partnerships with leading IT providers in the field were a significant factor. This extensive network provides us with privileged access to resources (hardware, software, documentation, virtual labs, specialists, etc.) to assist us in efficiently implementing the solutions we support. 

I love the company primarly because NOVIPRO believes in and invests in its specialists. The company places trust in its resources and their respective areas of expertise.  Additionally, the company culture encourages mutual respect and collaboration. I remain with NOVIPRO because of the mutually respectful business relationship maintened and the wide range of diverse opportunities the company entrusts me with, which meet my professional development needs. The company is a great employer as it listens to its employees and has always been very accomodating towards me. 

Simon Perez

POWER Systems and Splunk Solution Specialist

NOVIPRO has given me the opportunity to grow in my work. The company offers interesting prospects and projects. The working atmosphere is fantastic.

Baptiste Fradel

Project Manager Marketing and Communications

In 2002, I joigned NOVIPRO to support the sales department following the partnership with IBM. Over the years, I have witnessed the company's growth and reinvention to remain competitive in the field of information technology. Working here has been a rewarding experiences as I've had the opportunity to grow professionally within a fantastic team. NOVIPRO is like a second family to met, where shared values and excellent camaraderie among colleagues are the keys to success. Today, in pre-retirement, I am grateful to be able to continue contributing to the company by working three day a week, from Tuesday to Thrusday. This flexibility is invaluable, and I am honored to stay with Novipro as long as they wish, as long as my health permits.

Lydia Capodicasa Joly

Administration and Office Coordinator

My experience at NOVIPRO was exceptional! A caring team and exciting projects have made this professional adventure most rewarding. I'm delighted to be part of this stimulating company!

Domitille Fondeur

Project Manager Marketing and Communications

I am delighted to be a part of the NOVIPRO team. The warm atmosphere and support among colleagues make the execution of my work very enjoyable and proactive. I appreciate the progressive aspect of my position, allowing me to grow professionally and specialize in the IT field. The work environment is fantastic, offering great hybrid flexibility while providing a wonderful office space at our disposal. I am proud to contribute to our common mission and to collaborate with talented and dedicated colleagues, who are available when needed while also allowing for a significant level of autonomy.

William Toutant

IT Recruitment Consultant

Professionally, NOVIPRO has been of great value to me: it's a people-oriented company that encourages continuous training. With an entry-level position, I've already been given the chance to participate in significant projects. I'm delighted to be part of a diverse and dynamic team!

Victoria Denayer

Project Manager Marketing and Communications

It's incredibly motivating to know that we are valued, that our work and contributions are recognized, and that we are primarily seen as human beings with our expectations, concerns, and aspirations being taken into account. In addition to finding all of this at NOVIPRO, I am aware that all doors are open to help me grow and advance professionally. That's why I continue to choose NOVIPRO every day!

Amira Noufi

IT Recruitment Consultant

When I joined NOVIPRO, I quickly realized that a family spririt prevailed within the company. I was surprised by their flexibility and their willingness to adapt to change. They allow individuals the time to properly adjust to their new roles, providing you with the necessary assurance when starting a new career. NOVIPRO is a place where we are given the opportunity to express ourselves, learn, and grow together. They are attentive to our well-being and will not hesitate to acquire the necessary tools to enhance quality within the company. Human well-being is a priority at NOVIPRO.

Nicolas De Lenart

Director of Procurement and Business Partnerships

NOVIPRO gives me the ability to explore often unprecedented and cutting-edge technologies due to the involvement of its partners in training specialists and solution designers. Even after 14 years, I don't feel like I've reached the limit of the possibilities that NOVIPRO can offer me, and I'm fortunate to be closely involved in major company projects related to highly technological and critical sectors. I feel that I have the capacity to contribute and be part of the company's evolution. In the end, I still enjoy working for Novipro just as much.

Éric Cothenet

Solution Designer

Novipro is an employer that places respect for its employees at the core of its values. At Novipro, access to manager is easy and encouraged, and there is a genuine feeling of being heard. Novipro fosters a sense of a "big family", which facilitates communication and teamwork.

Martin Chagnon

Director of sales

I have been employed at Novipro for almost 3 years. I have never progressed so rapidly within a company. The trust and support of the management are among the company's greatest qualities. My colleagues and supervisors are competent and experts; it is truly enjoyable to work with the best in the industry. The social life is lively and pleasant. Possibly my best job and employer since the beginning of my career.

Stéfany Béland

Project Planner

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Count on us from start to finish, and beyond.

NOVIPRO guides you through every step of your project, from strategy to implementation.  Our experts have the knowledge and tools to solve your toughest IT challenges, from design solutions to infrastructure implementation. 

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