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Optimize your server profitability with IBM Power Enterprise Pools 2.0

November 22, 2023 by NOVIPRO

Server farm management can be greatly simplified with IBM’s new Power Enterprise Pools 2.0 (PEP 2.0) solution. Optimizing resource allocation across multiple systems, PEP 2.0 can significantly reduce operating costs for private clouds.

If your infrastructure is built for high performance during active accounting periods at the end of the month, you are likely to have significant resources sitting idle during evenings and weekends. According to IBM estimates, most companies’ Power series systems operate at only 30-40% of their capacity. Many businesses are spending money to keep their core active in anticipation of peak demand, only to end up overpaying for unused capacity. This inefficiency adds up to become a sizeable expense – in fact, in most cases, the cost of core activation exceeds the cost of the initial purchase.

How PEP 2.0 allocates resources according to your needs

PEP 2.0 allows you to group different systems into one pool and allocate resources according to your daily needs. Your systems can thus optimize each other’s unused capacity and memory without affecting the overall performance of your applications.

A single pool can contain 16 different systems and support up to 500 processors and partitions.


PEP 2.0 also allows you to allocate additional resources toward specific needs or to accommodate the growth of your business. Processors can be added to your infrastructure and remain dormant until their capacity is needed. You can activate these processors by purchasing credits through IBM’s cloud management platform.

These credits can be purchased from NOVIPRO, which offers monthly payment options for the activation of additional cores.

Simplicity and automation: PEP 2.0 revolutionizes resource allocation

PEP 2.0 also enables automation of most resource allocation tasks. For instance, memory usage within a particular pool is tracked by the minute and compensated according to a series of preconfigured measures, with no human intervention required.

Administrators can access a wealth of aggregated data and performance reports any time without consulting spreadsheets or traditional business intelligence environments.

Reducing the cost of your backup infrastructure

Implementing PEP 2.0 also benefits your backup or disaster recovery infrastructures, since they are only used in the rare event that a recovery plan needs to be executed.

IBM estimates that PEP 2.0 allows companies to save 30-50% of the activation costs for Power infrastructures that do not use other capacity-on-demand (CoD) solutions.


A team of experts at your service

If you think your Power infrastructure could benefit from PEP 2.0, NOVIPRO experts are here to help you assess your needs and plan the implementation. Recognized as an IBM Platinum partner, NOVIPRO guides you every step of the way, providing the expertise you need for a successful migration to PEP 2.0.

In essence, IBM Power Enterprise Pools 2.0 (PEP 2.0) offers intelligent resource management and significantly reduces the cost of activating Power infrastructures. Sophisticated automation simplifies management, while NOVIPRO’s expert support sets you up for optimal operational efficiency.