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Shifting the Security Analytics Paradigm: Cyber Threat Hunting and Response in a digitally transformed world

November 12, 2021 by IBM

Discover this conference that took place during the 3rd edition of Cybersecurity 20/20 on October 26 and 27, 2021.

Conference description:
According to the 2021 Ponemon Cost of a Data Breach study, the global average cost of a data breach has increased by 10% to $4.24m – when remote work is a factor, this cost can rise to as high as $5.31M.  Organizations whose workforce is more than 50% remote take up to 58 days longer to identify and contain breaches, and those who did not implement any digital transformation changes in light of the new pandemic reality experienced up to 16% higher costs compared the global average.

The main challenges facing organizations now is

  • to gain further insight and visibility in their disparate work environment;
  • to mitigate against alert overload and fatigue from an increasingly heterogeneous set of tools and applications;
  • to optimize the Mean Time for Recovery when (not if) a breach or ransomware attack occurs.

This session will demonstrate the latest advancements in IBM QRadar to address some of these challenges.  We will show you how QRadar helps you extend your reach beyond traditional endpoint detection and response, delivers meaningful out-of-box integrations with existing security infrastructure, and provides consumable workflows to reduce the learning curve and optimize your security team’s threat detection and management capabilities.

Presented by:

  • ROGHEN SABABATHEE, Cybersecurity Threat Management Architect - IBM